Pinach, S.L., as an organization dedicated to the design and construction of special machines, presses, molds and dies, heavy boilermaking and large machining, is committed to comply with this policy of quality, environmental management, occupational safety and social responsibility, whose objective is the development and improvement of its integrated management system, acquiring a commitment to the requirements and needs of our customers, with the fulfillment of the expectations of interested parties, as well as with society in general, without accepting any commitment that may affect our products and services.

Pinach, S.L. contributes to the development of society, contemplating human, economic and environmental values. Our business performance has an ethical foundation, taking into account the interest groups and stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers and society in general, involving all the staff that is part of them.

In 2021, with our incorporation to the United Nations Global Compact, we acquired the commitment to assume the principles established by the Compact in terms of human rights, labor rights, the fight against corruption and the commitment to the environment.
We have integrated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to which we contribute through our actions: Gender equality (SDG 5), Sustainable and clean energy (SDG 7), Industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9), Responsible production and consumption (SDG 12), Climate action (SDG 13), and Sustainable development (SDG 14).

This commitment is evidenced in this "Corporate Policy", which is based mainly on the following guidelines:

· Establish, develop and maintain in force
-    A Quality, Environmental Management and Occupational Safety System that complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards and the current Occupational Risk Prevention Law, reflecting the needs and expectations of our customers as well as those of the stakeholders.

· Ensuring that stakeholder expectations are fulfilled
-    Shareholders make their contribution, which generates certain expectations about the company's performance.
-    Senior management acts as the main manager of customer relations.
-    Maintain an attitude of trust and cooperation with the administrations, being scrupulous with respect to legal and regulatory obligations, with the intention of participating and contributing to the improvement of the society of which we are a part.
-    To commit ourselves to our immediate social environment, creating close bonds between the company and the community.

· To comply with the legal regulations in force
-    Apply compliance with applicable legal and regulatory standards in the performance of our activity.
-    Maintain the management system in place, based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and LPRL standards, updating manuals, procedures, documents, instructions and records..
-    Implement the principles of good management, following good business practices.
-    Carry out periodic internal audits of the management system, with qualified professionals, to demonstrate the correct implementation of the management systems.

· Establishment of objectives, goals and plans
-    Provide the necessary resources to achieve quality, environmental management and occupational safety objectives.
-    Periodically monitor them through the indicators established for this purpose, in order to ensure continuous improvement.

· Customer satisfaction
-    To continuously understand the needs and expectations of our customers, with the sole purpose of increasing their degree of satisfaction with our activities and services.
-    Respond to possible complaints that may arise from the performance of the activity, as a way to solve customer dissatisfaction.
-    Raise awareness among staff about the importance of knowing the needs of customers, to make improvements to achieve their satisfaction.

· Relationship with suppliers and/or subcontractors
Continuously select and evaluate our suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring that we can offer the best service to our customers.

· Staff involvement
-    Provide a fair and respectful treatment with the rights of workers, in accordance with the applicable labor legislation.
-    Continuously train all employees involved in our activities, through the implementation of training and qualification plans, to improve their adaptation to new technologies and systems, evaluating the effectiveness of such actions.
-    Motivate the detection of opportunities for improvement, to avoid the appearance of irregularities in the development of the activity.
-    Encourage advice, participation and active involvement of personnel in the management and achievement of the objectives of the management system..


· Protection of the health and integrity of employees
-    Comply with the applicable legal regulations on occupational risk prevention and health surveillance.
-    Integrate occupational risk prevention with the rest of the organization's activities.
-    Promote the participation of personnel in the development of preventive activities.
-    Evaluate the risks to which the workers are exposed, derived from the performance of the activity, in order to adopt the corresponding preventive measures and thus eliminate or, failing that, minimize the risks.
-    Investigate those situations that could cause a negative effect on the health of workers, identifying the causes and adopting the necessary measures to avoid their repetition.
-    Promote the necessary preventive practices among external personnel operating under our name.
· Environmental friendliness
-    The only way possible is a sustainable development. This means the capacity to satisfy present needs without jeopardizing the capacity to satisfy the needs of future generations.
· Conservation of the environment and its surroundings
-    Comply with current legal regulations on environmental matters.
-    To raise awareness, train and educate our personnel to respect the environment.
-    Encourage our external personnel operating under our name to perform an adequate environmental behavior.
-    Prevent pollution, using resources rationally, minimizing consumption and atmospheric emissions.
-    To carry out the selective collection of waste in the production processes, in order to simplify its management and recycling.
-    Promote the study of the environmental impact of our products starting from the design phase up to the end of their useful life, reducing the impact and our footprint on the environment.


· Anti-corruption policy
PINACH SL, rejects all forms of corruption by applying a zero tolerance criteria regarding any breach of this policy.
In order to prevent corruption, and in accordance with current legislation in all areas of activity PINACH SL is committed to enforce the following points:
-    Not to give, promise or offer, directly or indirectly, any good of value to any natural or legal person, in order to obtain unfair advantages..
-    Employees who violate these terms will be punished with the corresponding disciplinary measures, including, if necessary, the termination of the contract.

· Equality-integrity policy
PINACH's equality and diversity policy guarantees respect and equal opportunities between men and women, eliminating any kind of exclusionary and discriminatory behavior, since it safeguards labor equality and non-discrimination.
The general principles on which the policy is based are as follows:
-    Rejecting any discrimination on the basis of sex, race, age, marital status, beliefs, nationality or any other condition among employees that may be considered contrary to the values conveyed in this policy.
-    Compliance with current legislation on equality and diversity (Draft Bill on Equal Treatment and Discrimination).
-    Consolidating a culture that promotes behaviors that are favorable and open to diversity.
-    Establish the necessary measures to eradicate and avoid any type of harassment..
-    To guarantee equal opportunities among all employees and avoid discrimination in the workplace without exception in terms of promotion, training, remuneration, areas of access and other aspects related to the workplace.

For all this, PINACH commits itself to:
-    Develop the principles of equal opportunities, establishing the necessary actions and measures leading to equal opportunities and equal treatment among all professionals, avoiding discriminatory situations both directly and indirectly in all management processes in which people are participants.
-    Establish action plans that promote gender equality, guaranteeing equal opportunities for personal development.
-    Informing the entire workforce about the equality and diversity policy.
-    Encourage the collaboration of people from different generations who can contribute with different perspectives, enriching the work.
-    Commitment to diversity throughout the organization, both in relations between employees and in relations between employees and suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

·  Anti-slavery policy
PINACH ensures that there is no modern slavery in ANY part of its work. Our policy reflects a commitment to act with integrity and ethics in all our business relationships where we ensure that modern slavery does not occur in any of our procedures, from suppliers to customers.

The policy will be reviewed annually and urges management and other responsible persons to apply these principles and to be an example of these principles in terms of respect for equal opportunity and treatment and diversity, ensuring compliance by taking the necessary actions.

The Management of PINACH, S.L. is committed to review and modify, if necessary, this "Corporate Policy" on a regular basis, making sure that all the exposed sections are still in force, that its content is consistent with the objectives of the company, as well as with the expectations and needs of our customers and stakeholders.

Alborache, (Valencia) Agosto 2021